Direct-to-Consumer Retail

Alliant Insight at Work

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Improve profitability in any channel

Boost response and revenue by qualifying consumers for the most relevant offers and payment plans

Successful one-shot and multi-product marketers need to ensure that each prospect sees the ideal product offering and payment option. Marketers can manage multiple offers in multiple channels with cost-effective Alliant Engage scoring solutions. Transactional data from hundreds of product types and offers helps you tailor customer contact strategies that boost response and maximize profitability.


  • Apply on-demand insight from Alliant Engage order scoring solutions to maximize each lead’s profitability; online, at the call center or during order fulfillment.
  • List Enhancement and List Mining let you increase direct mail profits by optimizing your offers and finding more names to mail.
  • Identify your most valuable lead sources more quickly and manage them more profitably with Alliant Engage lead source scoring.
  • Find new sources of responsive and profitable customers with Alliant Consumer Audiences™ a powerful new list rental source powered by Alliant transactional variables.
  • Target your display advertising to qualified audiences across the web with Alliant Online Audiences™.