Lead Generation

Alliant Insight at Work

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Buy or sell the highest quality leads

Predictive scoring services that identify which leads are most likely to convert and become high quality customers

When leads are your most important commodity, accurately pinpointing the value of the leads you buy or sell is mission-critical. Alliant scores tens of millions of leads every year, using our rich source of predictive marketing information to help clients instantly predict future performance. You can maximize lead value and rapidly assess which lead sources are most productive, and which should be cut off.

  • Instantly assess the value of leads and lead sources with ProfitSelect™ scores.
  • Pinpoint profit-driving behaviors for specialized markets such as education, credit offers and subscriber services with custom lead scoring models.
  • Ensure your follow-up is relevant and cost effective by profiling each lead with Alliant Data Appends.
  • Stage leads for scoring and follow-up based on land-lines, cell phone numbers and email address with Reverse Append services.
  • No PII available? GeoPerformance Scores™ provide powerful predictors based on zip code and other micro-geographies.