Opportunity Seekers

Alliant Insight at Work

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Target and engage consumers ready for change

Increase profits for opportunity offers by targeting the relevant direct response behaviors

Services targeting Opportunity Seekers often involve multiple contacts to monetize the opportunity. Alliant’s deep behavioral insight helps you spur action at every stage of the process. In-depth data and analytic experience ensures that your offers reach the right prospects — and that each conversion step is executed with maximum impact.

  • Generate dramatic increases in response and conversion from direct mail efforts with List Enhancement and List Mining solutions.
  • Optimize offers and upsells at the call center and online with dynamic Offer Management solutions.
  • Manage costs and maximize follow-up response with Order Management solutions.
  • Increase profits from reactivation and cross-sell efforts with Verity™ or a custom reactivation model.
  • Give new-to-file customers the performance dimensions you need to populate internal models and increase the effectiveness of customer management efforts with Database Enhancements.