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If you’re a blogger or member of the working press, finding the right expertise for your piece can make the difference between a viral success and the sound of one hand clapping. Alliant can help you get the insight you need on a wide range of current marketing issues. Use the list below to find the Alliant experts who can help you dig deeper into your subject.

Areas of Expertise

“As a lifelong direct marketer I know the challenges clients face in building and maintaining profitability. Our team delivers solutions that consistently exceed their expectations.”

Mary Jo Checco, Masters, Direct Marketing

Mary Jo Checco, Masters, Direct Marketing
VP Account Management

Expertise: Alternate Channels, Continuity, Collectables and Consumables, Direct Mail, Publishing, Telemarketing

“I think we’re in a period of great innovation and creativity among marketers. Our clients are open to new ways of doing business that can have bottom-line impact and Alliant is a great partner for that.”

Rene Hamill

Rene Hamill
Senior Account Executive

Expertise: Alternate Channels, Direct Mail, Opportunity Seekers, Order Management, Publishing