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Alliant’s modeled solutions are developed to meet the specialized business needs of demanding marketers. These short case studies outline specific use cases, solutions and results that illustrate the power of data-driven analytics. Share them with your team to spur creative thinking and identify opportunities for your own business.   Use the selection tool at right to identify the Briefs that relate most closely to your situation – or use the site search facility to find articles and case studies using your own keywords.

Most Recent Case Studies

Fraud kills profit — Identify high risk addresses before they become write-offs

Solution Overview

A major B2C marketer was experiencing a marked increase in fraud and bad debt in its multichannel one-shot acquisition efforts. Determined to minimize risk and rebuild profits, the client approached Alliant for a fraud management solution. Alliant recommended a test of Cognito™, its proven Fraud Watchlist.

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Continuity Club Records Prompt Gains in Profitable Members & Pay Rates through Multiple-Function Models

Solution Overview

Multiple models that can predict response, payment and bad debt risk are used to segment existing members and prospects – and develop a segmentation strategy that can pay immediate gains in member retention, response & payment rates, with prompt return on investment.

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Existing Response Model Gets a Makeover, and Ends Up Predicting Profit per Order Significantly, Too

Solution Overview

A highly experienced manufacturer and marketer of household appliances has a proven response model – but joining Alliant opened an entirely exclusive, deep history on its customers facilitating a model makeover that could predict gross response and profitability.

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