Credit Scoring

Risk management and collection optimization

Alliant credit scoring services provide marketers with a powerful source of predictive data for firm offers of credit.

Alliant offers financial services and insurance marketers a full range of credit-scoring solutions utilizing the detailed payment information in TransactionBase®, Alliant’s FCRA-compliant database. TransactionBase® contains over 100 million consumers who have made purchases and payments from both online and offline direct response marketers. Alliant’s credit data is rich, predictive and proven in the marketplace as a supplement or alternative to traditional credit sources.


  • Alliant Acclaim™ Credit Score — Our industry standard credit score is a ready-to-implement predictive model widely used by marketers to qualify consumers for firm offers of credit in batch and real-time.
  • Custom Credit Score — Credit providers with sophisticated requirements can work with Alliant to develop a custom credit score to meet specific profitability and performance objectives.
  • Prescreening Services — Alliant credit scores can be implemented on our large batch scoring platforms to prescreen mail and call lists for firm offers of credit.
  • Open Balance ScoringTargetCollect™ allows credit managers and recovery agencies to optimize billing and collection strategies while reducing costs and write-offs.
  • On Demand Credit Variables — In addition to direct scoring services, Alliant can provide credit information to marketers and 3rd party credit scoring service providers with permissible purpose applications. See Customer File Enhancements for details on licensed data.