Alliant Acclaim™ Consumer Credit Scores

Alliant On-Demand consumer credit scores are a powerful supplement or alternative to traditional credit bureau services

For many companies, credit scoring is a complex and expensive process. Alliant makes it simple with a ready-to-deploy scoring process that lets you qualify consumers for firm offers of credit in batch and real-time.

Alliant Acclaim™ scores consumers for their likelihood to make future payments. Acclaim scores are based on the seven year credit histories of over 100 million consumers in TransactionBase®, Alliant’s FCRA-compliant consumer payments database. The scores reflect each consumer’s history of outstanding balances, payments, and write-offs across multiple merchant relationships.

Acclaim is powerful, easy-to-deploy, and is a proven predictive resource for a wide range of credit scoring applications:

  • Merchandise marketers with deferred billing and installment payment offers
  • Qualification for introductory offers of credit or insurance
  • As a supplement to bureau scores and to qualify thin file/no file consumers
  • To segment open balance accounts for optimal recovery efforts

A cost-effective and consumer-friendly credit scoring solution

Alliant Acclaim is an FCRA-compliant credit score that empowers merchants and service providers to reduce scoring costs. And since Alliant does not report inquiries to the major bureaus consumer privacy is always maintained. Alliant is a full-service Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) and provides all FTC-mandated consumer disclosure services and reason codes.