Alliant GeoPerformance Scores™

Use geography to zero in on consumer behavior, when individually identifiable data is not an option

Targeting a relevant value proposition to an anonymous prospect can be a tough task.

Alliant GeoPerformance Scores give you an alternative way to model consumers when individual or household data is not available. We rank geographies based on the actual buying patterns of over 135 million consumers. The scores deliver an anonymous view of consumer purchasing behavior with major direct and interactive marketers.

Who uses Alliant GeoScores?

  • Ecommerce websites and call centers to optimize handling
  • Lead generation service providers to stage offers for conversion
  • Model development teams to make internal models stronger

Predictive data that generates insight
Use GeoPerformance Scores to power your real-time online offer decisioning, or to develop more predictive offline scoring. The standard package includes 60+ variables for in-depth profiles including household income, recency of purchase, product preference, and detailed payment and transaction histories.

Scores are available for online targeting, and as a database overlay for offline performance modeling. Whatever your application, accessing Alliant’s robust predictive data lets you optimize campaigns without personally identifiable information.