Digital Marketing Optimization

Make online marketing more direct

Alliant solutions allow digital marketers to optimize conversion and order value based on multi-sourced data and proven strategy

The worlds of offline and digital marketing continue to converge. Alliant is a leader in providing consumer-level insight (both PII and non-PII) to marketers who do business in real-time.

Alliant’s transaction-based information represents a behavioral view of consumers along with performance metrics proven across direct response marketing channels. In the online environment, Alliant’s unique view of the consumer delivers predictive segments that allow marketers to maximize engagement and conversion with relevant offers.

Acquisition Solutions

  • Lead Scoring — Alliant data sets optimize offer selection and qualify consumers post-conversion. Solutions are available for both lead-gen services providers and lead buyers.
  • Email Prequalification — Marketers know that relevance sells. Alliant works with opt-in email service providers to apply your custom model to target segments ready to see your offer.
  • Online Behavioral Advertising Alliant Online Audiences™ provides display advertisers with large audience segments that allow targeting across a wide range of product type and affinity interests.

Ecommerce Management

  • Offer Management Solutions — Many marketers utilize Alliant solutions online for real-time offer management, and offline for fulfillment decisioning and CRM management.
  • Reverse Append Services — Sites gathering limited registration data can still access Alliant solutions based on a unique email address or phone number.
  • Website Optimization — Alliant data is now available to users of the Adobe® Online Marketing Suite, Powered by Omniture® to segment audiences for site engagement, offer enhancement and post-engagement marketing. Read more about the Alliant-Adobe Partnership here.