Direct Mail Optimization

Power solutions for direct mail marketing

Alliant’s predictive models deliver stronger campaign performance, improved margins and increased lifetime value

Acquisition Management

Alliant can increase the ROI of your acquisition efforts with precision targeting of the consumers most likely to respond and convert.

  • List Enhancement — Detailed Alliant direct response histories allow marketers to select the most profitable prospects from any list. Applied pre or post merge, your custom solution lets you suppress unprofitable consumers and improve the overall efficiency of acquisition efforts.
  • List Mining — Applies behavioral data to marginal or expansion list segments to let you expand mail efforts with more qualified names. Allows you to expand into new segments in continuation lists and find new pockets of profit in marginal or fatigued lists.
  • Credit Pre-Screening — Financial services marketers and others with credit or installment offers can supplement or replace traditional credit sources with FCRA-compliant credit pre-screening.
  • Order Management — Manage costs and minimize risk in fulfillment and optimize cross-sell/upsell and payment terms with order management solutions of.


Retention Management

Your inactive customer files are a big opportunity — if you can mine them profitably. Alliant can deliver a performance lift of 30% or more by accessing the current buying behaviors of 135+ million consumers.

  • RFM Scoring — Alliant Verity™ lets you target names in your housefile by RFM (recency, frequency, monetary spend) attributes aggregated from other direct marketers with business models similar to yours.
  • House File Optimization — Improve reactivation efforts in expired customer files by identifying the most responsive names. Custom models allow you to identify behaviors and attitudes that make a prospect receptive to cross-sell and up-sell offers.
  • Customer File Enhancements — No asset holds more potential than your customer file. Increase the value of that asset with Alliant customer file enhancement solutions.