Alliant Verity™

The power of cooperative recency,frequency and monetary (RFM) data lets you zero in on expired customers and mine large data sources

Recency is one of the most predictive attributes of responsive consumers. With more than 135 million consumer records updated monthly by major marketers, Alliant is the industry’s most up-to-date resource for identifying recent purchasing activity. You can mine lists and data sources quickly and easily with Alliant Verity™.


  • Customer Files: — Identify candidates with reactivation and upsell offers
  • Leads: — Qualify consumers for follow-up offers and channel preferences
  • Data Mining: — Qualify pockets of profitable prospects within large data segments


Let Alliant customize a Verity solution for you


Alliant lets you customize the right Verity RFM attributes for your offer. Standard flags (see below) can be delivered in batch or real-time. Standard Verity selections include:

  • DM Buyer: — Identifies order activity within timeframes from 30 days to 2 years
  • DM Payer: — Identifies payment activity and/or dollar amount spent
  • Product Types: — Identifies subscription, continuity, one shot merchandise, etc.
  • Channel Preference: — Identifies orders via DM, Internet, telemarketing, etc.