Alliant Profitselect™

Finally — a single consumer score that lets you identify profitable prospects and long-term viable customers

ProfitSelect™ is a proprietary scoring solution that has become the industry standard for predicting which consumer are likely to be profitable in marketing acquisition. In batch or in real-time, ProfitSelect helps marketers improve conversion and revenue by enhancing terms for good customers—while avoiding the bad ones altogether.

Improve marketing decision-making at every level

ProfitSelect can provide decision support for everyone from acquisition specialists to credit managers to senior strategists. It is a proven solution for evaluating online and offline leads, setting payment terms, staging up-sell/cross-sell offers, and optimizing billing terms.

  • Improve lead and order quality
  • Customize upsells and terms
  • Manage post acquisition marketing and billing

A powerful performance measure that you can keep on file

ProfitSelect scores are built entirely on direct marketing transactions, so they reflect the relevant marketing performance and response behaviors that drive your business. Marketers are permitted to maintain the scores for future decisioning and use them to optimize internal models and processes.

Free, no-obligation ROI validations let you evaluate ProfitSelect for your environment. Our analysts will help in the process, but the facts will speak for themselves: ProfitSelect builds profits.